Welcome to Esfahan

As it is said "Esfahan Nesf-e Jahan" (Esfahan, Half of the World), one should walk throughout this city in order to have a better understanding of it. A city known as; blossomed rose, earthly paradise, turquoise bridge etc... , These are only some titles given to Esfahan from the periods of Malekshah the Seljuk 11th century AD (5th century AH) and Shah Abbas the great 17th century AD (11th century AH) to glorify and appreciate its grandeur.

Beautiful at night

Today, Isfahani people love to walk among the public gardens around the Zayanderoud, beautiful bridges lit well at night as bridges Khâdjou and Si-O Pol. This is when the heat dies down it takes to get to appreciate harmony. The evening on the Place Royale, with the fresh lawns and large pool, the Iranians and foreigners who attend the day, came the Isfahani who bring their families to settle on the lawns while enjoying the great place, which then seems to float.