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Khaju Bridge

Khaju bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world dates from Shah Abbas II. It is located on eastern axis of Isfahan city and it was built in 1060A.D.
It is a magnificent structure measuring 133 meters long and 12 meters wide and 21 openings. An eight angle palace has been built in middle and both parts of this bridge called "Biglar Beigi" (great palace, the chief's seat) or alcove. It has included precious architecture and beautiful decorations in which gilding designs have increased its beauty.

Shah Abbas II (the great one) sometimes took place in this palace with women's apartment, or officers and foreign guests or home guests, then he watched some ceremonies, such as; different ceremonies of new year and Abpashan celebration (sprinkling water). This bridge consist of beautiful lights at two sides. It is considerable to notice that this bridge has been designed in a way used as a dam and also for various use.
This bridge has had other names, such as; Shahi Bridge, Gabrha Bridge, BaBa Roknodin Bridge, and Shiraz Bridge besides Khaju Bridge.

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