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Fin Garden

Fin garden has an ancient date. Some historical resources mention that this magnificent garden dates to Alebooye periods, but the dreadful earth quake happened in 982A.D and caused the garden Buildings to be ruined completely, then in 1000 A.D. it was reconstructed by Ghiyasodin Jamshide Kashani  and by the order of Shah Abbas II. This splendid garden consists of buildings, such as; portal, numerous ramparts, Safavid siphons, Ghajari siphon, small bath house, royal bath house, Karim Khani's private building,and King's living room.
Fin garden is a perfect pattern of Iranian gardens architecture in which the numerous buildings along with swimming pool, small and big foot-bathes and the fountains inside it originated from Soleimaniyeh spring, so it gives a magnificent view.
Among the most important events that happened in this garden is the murdering of Mirza Taghi Khan (Amir Kabir) in garden bath house.

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