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Ali Gapu Palace

The ancientness of this building dates back to 11th century A.D and based on architecture and the applied art ornaments it is unique in its Kind. About the so called name of this palace we can say that the name was coping of the word "Babe Ali" which means the palace belongs to Osmany King in Istanbul, Turkey.

The researchers also say that because Imam Ali's Shrine entrance door is installed here, so this palace is known as the "excellent door" of Ali's Shrine and finally "Ali Gapu" the palace is constructed in six floors and in the first Shah Abbas Kingdom period was used as the government administration and also as the Safavid mansion. Then in second Shah Abbas Kingdom period a porch with columns and the other floors were added and it was also used as a  place to wait on the foreign ambassadors. The decorations of the walls and the ceiling of the saloons of the palace are the works of the famous Safavid era artists, such as; Reza Abbasi and his students .

From among the outstanding sections of this building is its music saloon which is ornamented by painting decorations and empty middle vaulted .
The unique attraction of the building can be the beautiful copper made pond in the middle of the porch which enhances the porch attraction while holding the waiting ceremonies .

Next to the Ali Gapu palace, there is another building known as Tohid Khaneh (monotheism house) and it seems that it was the supplements of Ali Gapu and dervishes (monks) and Sufis (mystics) stayed there in Safavid era. The exterior dome view of this building is made by bricks

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