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Tabãtabãeihã House:

This house is located near the Borujedihã house and beside Sultan Amir Ahmad mausoleum. The mason of this house is a person named Seyyed Ja’far Natanzi and for the same reason the house has been named after Tabãtabãeihã. This house has four yards, the central yard is related to the outer part of the house and the rest two small yards belong to the inner part and a yard has also been considered for the servants of the house. This house has been constructed in a peace of ground with 4730 square meters area and apparently its construction has been finished in 1840. The architect of this house is the master, Ali Maryam as well who has built this house skilfully.

The interior belonged to the Tabãtabãei family and is consisted of some rooms rounding the courtyard and a large 8 meter depth basement. In hot summers they enjoyed pleasant weather from the wind catchers that decreased the heat down to 20 degrees centigrade. The exterior belonged to guests and ceremonies, including big hall, alcove in the southern part with skylights and latticed coloured windows in 2 layer, stucco works and delegated mirror work decorations. In the flanking area, there are symmetrical backyards with beautiful frescos. The servant part consists of rooms, basement, kitchen, and stable. There are five minarets in this house and the main one is in vestibule divided into interior and exterior entrance.

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