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Sareban Minaret

This high and beautiful minaret is one the remaind monuments of Esfahan architect which is related to Seljukian dynasty. According to performed inspections, Sareban minaret is the highest minaret in Isfahan city. It is about 54meters high. Although the style of architect is simple and beautiful, but it expresses stability. This minaret includes several distinguished parts from the up side to down.

The first part consists of plain brick work and the second and third ones have beautiful brick work decorations. In the forth section of the minaret where the first crown is, brick vaulted building with turquoise tile-work are seen.
The upper inscription of minaret has been in Kufic writing and turquoise colour with the brick field, and a description as described below:
(La elaha el lal lah Sadeghan MokhLesan Mohammad Rasoulallah)
There is no god except devoted and truthful God and Mohammad is the sent prophet on behalf of God.

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