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Congregational Abbasi Mosque

This mosque is one of the most beautiful of Islam world. It is located on southern angle of Naqshe Jahan square. It was built by Ali Akbar Isfahani (master) under the order of Shah Abbas I in 1020A.D in the way of four porch mosques.
The investigators believe that the entrance porch of mosque with two splendid minarets is the most beautiful porch in Iran that enriches every spectator's feeling.
The best calligraphists of that time, such as: Ali Reza Abbasi, Mohammad Reza Emami, Abdoul baghi Tabrizi and Mohammad Saleh have written verses of holy Koran on tile and the walls of this building.


All parts of opening, walls, dome, minarets and external and internal false arch of mosque have been decorated beautifully with inlaid and seven color tile.
The dome of this mosque is too beautiful and magnificent to describe it. It's been designed in double layers and it's height is 52meters from the ground to the top of dome.
The Naseriyeh scientific school is located on eastern angle of this mosque which has been repaired in the period of Naseredin Shah Ghajar.

And on eastern angle of mosque Soleimanieh scientific school is located which has been built in the period of Shah Soleiman Safavid.
The congregational Abbasi mosque consists of magnificent and beautiful open space with a beautiful pool in its center.
From the other attractions of this mosque we can point to seven stone trough that shows itself in every place of this mosque. Also there is a sundial on northern angle of Soleimanieh school that shows the juridical noon.

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