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Monar Jonban

(Uncle Abdollah Garladany's grave)
The famous shaking minaret (Monar Jonban) building is dated back to 8th century A.D and is constructed over the grave of uncle Abdollah Garladany one of the scientist and clerics of religion on 8th century A.D.

The grave construction is built on 716A.D after uncle Abdollah death and in the period of Illkhanian Government. According to the available documents, two minarets have been added to this building at Safavid late period. Each one having a height equal to 17 meters. The two minarets are built in such a way that are connected completely to the grave building at their bottom portions, and this point has brought up a phenomena similar to a diapason or intensification. If you ascend to the top of the minarets and shake one of them, the force inserted to the body of the minaret causes a vibration on the second minaret and the whole architectural construction. This matter has made a special attraction on this building and the so called name is due to vibration of these minarets.

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