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Saeb-e Tabrizi Tomb

In Saeb street close to Madi Niasarm (water stream), there exists the eternal resting place of a famous and well-known poet called Saeb. He was born at the beginning of 17th century AD and died in 1673. Esfahan was a place where he spent most of his life time in, he is known as the most popular Indian style poem versifier, although his verses are also known as Esfahani style due to his remarkable role in poetry. Saeb is one of the most illustrious poets for his odes and lyrics as well. The Persian poem was revived and ornamented with mystic concepts by Saeb, after a long stagnation and decline from the Safavid period and afterwards. The prince of poets of Shah Safi, Shah Abbas the second and Shah Soleyman’s courts has composed poetries in description of some of the Safavid monuments like Chehel Sotoon. 


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