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Vank Cathedral

This church is located in the church alley in Eastern Nazar Street. It was originally built as a prayer hall (Amenapergich) in 1606 and then renovated and extended to its current appearance with its high double-layer dome. It received the name of Vank church in 1655. Underneath the 38-meter high dome is the prayer hall that holds a unique collection of beautiful frescos depicting stories from the Old and New Testaments. The influence of Italian and Dutch painting is quite obvious. In addition to these wall paintings there are also floral ornamentations and exquisite tile work with gild decorations.

In the Northern part of the church's courtyard there are other important memorials, namely a library (with more than 10,000 books), a monument to the Armenian martyrs (in the 1915 genocide by the Ottomans Turks) and a museum. This museum holds the oldest books printed in Esfahan by the instruction the Safavid and Ghãjãrid kings as well as many other precious objects. Armenian The ecclesiastic centre for Esfahan's and southern Iran is located in the eastern part of the church. There are 64 gravestones in the church belonging to archbishops, priests, Russian and British consuls, politicians and doctors.

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