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The bazaar's structure consists of roofed corridors with shops aligned on either side. These corridors meet at points called sub quarters or "Chaharsuq" or sometimes called "Chaharsu" by the locals where the dome is higher and are equivalent to squares where streets meet. In addition to the corridors, there are Timcheh (traditional shopping centres), Saraa (which have a special and remarkable architecture, with a courtyard and a beautiful pool in the middle) and Caravansaries. In addition to the shops, there are mosques, handicraft workshops, theological schools and public places as well.

Nowadays, most of the bazaar's activities are based on the big businesses, which are located in the Timchehs and Saraas.

Eskandar Beyk Turkaman gives a completion date for the bazaar as 1619. The bazaar finally leads to the old Jame Mosque and even up to 50 years ago, there were some branches reaching Toghchi bazaar, Ghaaz bazaar and Mir Square. The beautiful schools of Kasehgaran, Mullah Abdullah, Nimavard, Jadeh-Kuchak and Jadeh-Bozorg and Sarutaghi bazaar, chaharsuq and caravansary, Jarchibashi mosque, Mokhles and Golshan caravansaries, Shahzadegan bathhouse and the Gheisarieh oil pressing house are amongst the historical buildings dating back to the Safavid era inside the bazaar. Other splendid structures like the Sadr School and Timcheh Malek are from the Qajarid period.

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