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Hakim Mosque

This four-Iwan mosque was constructed by Hakim Mohammad Davud, the private physician of Shah Abbas II over the ruins of the Jurjir (or Gurgir) Deylamid Jame mosque (10th century) nowadays the remnants of the Deylamid mosque forms the northern portal of the Hakim mosque bearing exquisite decorations of brickwork and plasterwork. The tile inscriptions of the Iwan and the portals inside the mosque give dates between 1657 and 1661. Hakim Davud was forced to leave his country because of malicious rumours by his rivals and travelled to India, where he and his skill was welcomed. That he decided to build this mosque with his savings shows his love for the country. The southeast portal of the mosque is opposite the Kalbasi tomb’s interior, which there is an exquisite decoration of the vertical row type of pendentives.

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