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Maranjab Caravanserai

Maranjab caravanserai is located 50 kilometres of Aran-o-Bidgol city and 60 kilometres from Kashan city which was built upon the order of Shah Abbas the great.

In the last year of Shah Abbas's the great reign in 1629 a road was built to go to Maranjab caravanserai beside the hunters' building which was built in Sefidab.

The palace is 86 metres by 47 meters with two hugs courtyards. The southern courtyard was for the king and the hunting crew but the northern courtyard was for the royal family.

The entrance is opening towards the east and leads to a brilliant octagonal waiting room which ends to the four-Iwan courtyard. The rooms for the caravan members are around the main courtyard.

Stables with the vaulted ceiling and platform to unload the goods and the luggage are behind the courtyard rooms. In the four corners of the caravanserai are four defending watchtower. The entrance of the watch towers are in the stable and on the roofs of the chambers.

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