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Ardestan Jame Mosque

This glorious edifice is one of the most beautiful monuments of the Seljuk era. The primary core was a mud brick construction consisting of some columns, portals and supportive walls left from the old days. The older, 10th century, mosque had a primitive plan and was said to have been built over a fire temple. Today’s mosque has been produced using the construction materials of the old mosque with a four-Iwan plan, during the years 1146 to 1149. Built by Maestro Mohammad Esfahani, this is amongst the oldest and the most beautiful four-porch mosques in Iran. Some restorations have been done during the Safavid era but its Seljuk artistic delicacy has been retained.

The mosque consists of high-rise prayer halls and small hypostyles flanking a brick dome, plus some two-storey chambers surrounding a yard. There is a single short minaret and a Madreseh including some chambers on western side, also a Tekieh attached to the mosque on the eastern side. Ardestan Jame Mosque is a part of a grand complex including public monuments such as the Madreseh, hammams, an ab-anbar, a small bazaar and a Hosseinieh in Mahal Quarter.


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