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Panahgah-e zirzamini-ye Noosh-Abad (Underground Shelter)

Its construction is attributed to pre Islamic era and is one of the attractions of Aran o Bidgol. Its main entrance is next to the faucet of the water reservoir (cistern) in Emam street of Noosh-Abad, but you can also have an access to it from the back side of the shelter by passing some 30 steps down to reach the fourth floor below the surface, this would lead you to rooms and corridors of the shelter which are elaborately and amazingly digged and built in the heart of mud and calcite rocks.

Nowadays, two levels of this site are allowed to be visited, furthermore, municipality of Aran o Bidgol with cooperation of Cultural heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts organization intend to prepare all four floors in near future to be ready for sightseeing.

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