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Borujerdiha Mansion

The residence of a famous merchant was built in 1865, the owner of Khaney-e Borujerdiha named the house after Borujerd City, a place with which he did much trade. The merchants of that city were frequent visitors to the house. Maestro Ali Maryam, the architect of this magnificent beautiful house also designed Amin od-Doleh Timcheh.

The entrance to the house has two doors one for Andaruni and the other for Biruni and has very beautiful plasterwork and vaulted decorations. A curved sloping corridor leads to a four-season house. Around the central yard, are the four buildings used according to the season of the year. The northern part is used in winter taking advantage of the sunlight to warm the rooms. There are some underground parts built to be quite cool and pleasant in the warm summers of Kashan, but the main part of the building is the south. This has parlour with a high dome bearing skilful badgirs (ventilation ports) to cool the inner space and refresh the air. At the end of parlour, there is an alcove surrounded with plaster cutting, frescos from the Qajarid era and vaulted decorations on two floors. Use of The alcove was reserved for special guests.


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