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Tabatabaeiha Mansion

The owner of the house is Seyyed Jafar Tabatabaei Natanzi and for this reason, the house has been named Tabatabaeiha. This house has four yards, the central yard belongs with the Biruni of the house, and the two small yards with the Andaruni and a fourth yard was used by the household servants. The construction of this house, covering 4,730 square metres, was completed in 1840 by the architect Maestro Ali Maryam.

The Andaruni section belonged to the Tabatabaei family and consisted of several rooms around the courtyard and a large 8 meters deep basement. In hot summers, the temperature was brought down to 20 degrees Celsius using available wind. The Biruni section was used by guests and for ceremonies. Rooms included a grand hall, an alcove in the southern part with skylights and latticed coloured windows in two layers, stuccoworks, and delicate mirror work decorations. There are two symmetrical backyards with beautiful frescos flanking the alcove. The servant quarters consist of rooms, basement, kitchen and stable. There are five gates in this house with the main one is in the vestibule allowing entrance to Andaruni and Biruni zones.


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