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Tombs of Seljuk kings and Khajeh Nezam ol-Molk

The eternal resting place of most of the Seljuk kings is inside a quarter nowadays known as Dalbeti formerly Dar ol-Bettikh or Vegetables Bazaar.

There are six tombstones left in this garden tomb that are not of the Seljuk period, and there is no inscription carved to say whom they were. The only large marble stone nearby is adjacent to another marble gravestone belonging to Malikshah the Seljuk on which two words of “Khajeh” and “ol-Molk” are clearly legible. One of the graves there must belong to Tarkan Khatun, Malikshaha’s Queen, who died mysteriously in 1094 and was buried beside Khajeh Nezam ol-Molk and Malikshah.

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