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Esmaeil Shrine

In the Safavid era (17th century), the Esmaeil shrine was created and the Madreseh surrounded by small chambers was built.

The entrance of the Esmaeil shrine is decorated with tile work and pendentive decoration revealing a date of 1703. The main portal of the shrine is located in the south. It is decorated with tile works and an inscription bearing the date 1699. Inside the Esmaeil shrine is revealed as a successor of Imam Hassan. The interior of the shrine has a dimension of 5.6 to 5.6 meters with a double-layer dome. It is decorated with various exquisite kinds of fine mural paintings and unique pendentives. The four pairs of very fine wood engraved doors in this shrine enhance the beauty of it.

Next to the shrine, there stands the resting place of Sha’ya the prophet that dates back to the Safavid era (17th century). However, the gravestone, which is covered with a wood engraved lattice shrine, is much older and must belong to the Mongolian dynasty. To the West there stands the small mosque of Sha’ya the inscription of which displays the date 1700.

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