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Borujedihã House:

In Sultan Amir Ahmad quarter from Alavi St., we reach a house where sometime ago was a residence of a famous merchant in this land built in 1865. The owner of this house was known as "Borujerdi" due to his much transaction with merchants of Borujerd and their much presence in this house. The architect of this house is the same merchant of Amin-Od-Doleh arcade, the master Ali Maryam who designs such a magnificent and beautiful house consisting of two inner and outer sections. The entrance of the house has two doors one for the inner section and the other for outer section and has a very beautiful plaster and vaulted decorations. From here through a curved and sloped corridor, we enter the Borujedihã house.

 The house has contains four constructional units knows as four season house. The Northern part of the house has desirable warmth due to sunlight, has been used in the winter. Around the central yard, as the four constructional units exist, some underground parts have also been built have been quite cool and pleasant in the warm summers of Kãshãn, but the main part of the building is the Southern part of it containing a high and covered dome shaped parlour and over the dome, some ventilations have been designed for air exchange and cooling the inner space. In the end of parlour, there is the alcove surrounded by two floors building adorned with plaster cutting, frescos and vaulted decorations. Using the alcove has been dedicated to special guests, as the visitor can see there are some frescos from Ghãjãrid kings.

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