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Shahi Assarkhaneh

The oil extracting factories are called Assari or Assarkhaneh. Isfahan's market has the most important and the greatest factories of this kind in Iran whih are located in special yards called Eivan. These factories are among the most important ones based on their architectural designs are their intelligent techniques. One of these oil factories is called Shahi Assarkhaneh. It dates back to the Safavid Dynasty, 11th century Hijrat, at the time of Shah Abbas I. This factory has probably been built contemporary to "Molla Abdollah School". This factory is located next to the market of Gun markers and has been rebuilt under the supervision of Isfahan municipality.

The materials and ingredients have fortunately been left safe and sound. The shops around the factory sold oil taken from this factory.
The oil seeds which have been extracted in this factory have been sesame, cotton seeds, poppy, sunflower, and etc.

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