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Natanz Jame Mosque

This mosque is consisting of different structures. The building dates back to Eljaito and his son, Abu Said Bahador Khan. The mosque and the dome have been built together. One of the European historians called "Andrea Gedar" has written so about the building "the mosque has somehow been left safe. It consists of a multidimensional chaplet with a four parted porch located over viewing a yard. The structures are connected by a corridor. The structure is located among small allies on the north, south, and west. The alley ends at a minaret and a Khanghah. At the other side is a small square.

On the left side, the ruins of the Khanghah are located. The mosque has two entrances, one on the left side and the other on the right side. The north entrance is leveled off which the surface of the yard, but the south entrance is leveled differently. There are some steps to the floor of the corridor in the mosque. The main part of the structure is made by brick and lime mixture. On the walls are some tablets writing the date, builder, repairing time and other necessary information about the experienced masons and builders who have worked on the projects.

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