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Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

The Sheikh Lotfollah mosque is the most unusual Iranian religious structure, undoubtedly, the most splendid of all. This mosque was built during the reign of Shah Abbas I. it's construction started in 1011A.D. and finished in 1028 A.D. It was also used for teaching religious sciences by Sheikh Lotfollah the prominent scientist from Shiite world who Immigrated from Lebanon to Iran.

This mosque has a different structure from the other ones and it is located on eastern part of Naqshe Jahan square. Inlaid and seven colour beautiful tile-works along with beautiful lines have been used in this building. Ali Reza Abbasi one of the most prominent calligraphist at Safavid time has written the inscription of this mosque which contains verses of holy Koran and the attributes of God. The prominent architect called Mohammad Reza Isfahani has introduced himself humbly in altar's inscription. The construction of this mosque and the axis of square have been built simultaneously, so that every spectator is entered in imperceptible wining way through a corridor to the central yard, which is the masterpiece of tile work art and calligraphy, so every spectator finds himself contemptible against powerful God.

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