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Imam-Zãdeh Ãghã-Ali-Abbãs :

These two shrines with high rise parabolic dome is located in north-east of desert margin, 8 kilometres from Bãdrud. This complex is considered as the most important pilgrimage site of Natanz County.

It entertains thousands of enthusiastic pilgrims and mourners all year round, especially on lamentation period of Safar (the second lunar month) this complex includes bazaar, mosque, water reservoir, Husseiniyeh (a place for holding mourning rituals), pilgrims residential and other amenities. The portal has a pattern copied from Sheikh-Abd-Ol-Samad monastery portal in Natanz, with beautiful tile work. Inside the dome chamber one can see painting decorations, stucco work and colourful, green marble plinths.

برخی دیگر از تورهای موجود