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Kavir Museum

This ancient house belongs to the Safavid Dynasty. It has got a unique architecture based on the barren land there, the kavir. It's called Pir Nia House. This house consists of different parts such as: entrance, different corridors, multidimensional rooms, servants' rooms, royal room and living rooms.
Based on the information found, this house has first been belonged to Ghazi Noor Al Hadi. After the Ghajar Dynasty, it belonged to Pir Nia Family anf finally Mirza Ahmad Khan, the mayor of Naiin, settled in the house.

This house is really beautiful, having different decorations and engravings. The walls and ceilings are filled with different patterns and pictures. Among these paintings is one in the royal room of the house. This room belongs to the mayor and the guests. The subjects of the paintings and picture are imaginative features like animals, for example dragons.
Among interesting places in this house is ditch in the middle of its garden. It has been used as a place to get water from a well or a fountain.

The historical Pirnia House was owned by the Ministry of Culture in 1349 and was repaired and rebuilt in 1373 and finally turned a museum called "Anthropology Museum of Kavir".
The museum now is a suitable center for the people to get familiar with the instrument and tools of life such as: agricultural tools, military tools, clothing's, handicrafts, cultural instruments and other tools regarding the ideas of the people in Naein.

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