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The ancient fire temple of Esfahan

The ancient fire temple is located at the top of a unique mound to the West of Esfahan and from which a beautiful landscape of groves and farmland can be seen. The date of construction can only be estimated from the antiquity of the architecture. The overall structure is 107 metres long and resembles an impregnable castle. Archaeological research in 1967 revealed two strong mud walls that had survived from the 6th century BCE. The fire temple, in which an eternal flame was lit, dates back to the 3rd century. Only two storeys remain from what was once a five-storey building. The construction material is mud-brick made with clay, lime and the long stems of reeds. At the top there is a circular fire altar 5 metres in diameter surrounded by a wall cut with eight windows. It is thought that this structure had a tall dome to protect the fire over long periods.


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