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Nim Avord School

This school is considered as one of the several schools in Isfahan city and is located in one of the regions of Isfahan Great Bazaar called "Nim Avord" or "Nam Avord". The exact date of construction is not clear, but according to the available proof and analogy it had likely been built in the period of Shah Soleiman reign and or in Shah Sultan Hossein Safavid period.

There are a lot of ornamented tiles and plaster molding in Nim Avord school and specially the artists of Safavid era have made a particular unique inlaid decorations in this building  by the use of plaster molding art which can not be found in other historical monuments.
From among the clerics that have studied knowledge and virtue at this school we can name "deceased Ayatollah Agha Sayed Mohammad Bagher Dorchee" and "deceased Ayatollah Boroujerdy".

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