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Allah Verdikhan Bridge

Allah Verdikhan bridge (Si-o-se-pol bridge), which dates back to 1065 A.D, is 300meters long and 14meters wide.
It is the largest bridge over Zayandeh Rood river. It was built by the order of "Allah Verdikhan" the commander of Safavid army. The main role of this bridge is to connect northern ChaharBagh to the southern one. This role caused the city to expand toward to south.

This bridge called Zendeh Rood and Jolfa and today because there are 33sluices in lower part, so it is colloquially called 33bridges.
Among the most important historical ceremonies held beside this bridge was Abrizegan celebration (sprinkling of water) which was done by people on July when the water in river bed reached to the minimum. Also Armenian people of Safavid era held religious ceremony called Khaj-Shuyan (Baptism of the cross or Epiphany).

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