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Nayeen Congregational Mosque

This mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Iran and its architecture is belonged to early Islamic centuries. The main portal of this mosque has been located on eastern north of mosque's open space, and on eastern south of it, another door has been created. The central open space is not too wide and it's been built in the form of four angled. This open space includes pillars on western, southern and eastern side in which their high entrances go to open space. The internal outward of pillars contains simple brick decorations, but in subsequent reparations most parts of them have been covered with simple plaster, but the outward around open space has been decorated with raised simple bricks, so that the decorations of Nayeen congregational mosque have got a great similarity to the portal of Jorjeer mosque in Isfahan.

The buildings on northern angle are higher a little from the bottom of open space and they include small verandas decorated with raised bricks. The brick minaret which has been located on eastern south corner is about 28meters high and its architectural constructions differ from the constructions of Seljuk minarets in Isfahan.
There is a wide chamber under the mosque's open space that includes pillars made of clay. It provides its light through the ceiling. This chamber used as a wide cellar or ice house in summer days and it includes two entrances which are separated by the stairs of mosque's open space.
The altar of this mosque is located on southern pillar and it has beautiful plaster molding decorations.

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