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Hakim Mosque

Hakim mosque, called Jorjir, was built on the eastern part of Hakim Street next to Rangrazan bazaar and opposite Kalbasi mausoleum.  This mosque has covered an area of 8000 square meters. The Jorjor mosque was founded by Sahebibn Ebad, the renowned Buyid Vizirie. For a long time, it served as a smaller congregational mosque of the city. In its heyday, it had a minaret exceeding 100 meters in height. Today, only a portal of the Jorjir mosque exists. Its rich brickwork exemplifies the main characteristics of Buyid architecture. 

In the Safavid period, a mosque was built here by Hakim Davud, a royal physician who fell afoul of Shah Abbas II and was forced to seek refuge in India.  There, at the court of Jahan Shah, he grew rich and sent money to his family in Esfahan to build that mosque.

The mosque spacious and harmonious court produces an overwhelming impression on the visitor. The mosque highlights include a number of glistering brick and tile decorations, stunning pieces of calligraphy and abundant geometric letterings. The other conspicuous features are an exquisite moqarnas-decorated mihrab, a beautul inlaid minbar and a handsome pierced screen on the western side of the country yard. The dome of the sanctuary has the same echo effect than one can abserve in the Imam Mosque.

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