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Si-o-se Pol

This bridge is a unique masterpiece from the era of Shah Abbas I and was built at the expense of his famous commander, Allah Verdi Khan. It was built over six years (1592-1598) by the well-known master architect, Hossein Banna Esfahani. It is 295 metres long and 14.75 metres wide and links the upper and lower halves of Chahar-Bagh Avenue. On the top part of the bridge, there are two covered corridors with arched walls on both decks and on the either side of the upper part there are false arches. On the lower storey, there are 25 rooms of different sizes. On the southern and northern foundations rooms have been converted into teahouses.

During the Safavids, the Abrizan or Abpashan (water splashing) celebrations were held at this bridge. The Safavid king would add to the grandeur of these celebrations by taking part himself. Since the Armenian quarter Jolfa is close to this bridge, the Armenians also held their own Khajshuyan celebrations by this bridge.


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