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Kavir Museum

Pirnia Mansion locates opposite to Naein Jame Mosque and is considered as a Safavid relic. The house belonged to Mr. Ghazinur the ruler of Naein and during Pahlavid period the art and culture ministry purchased it and Mr. Pirnia was responsible for renovating it to function as Kavir Museum. In this ethnological museum, some desert related items and goods such as clothing, metal instruments, carpet weaving tools and cloak weaving machines and large ceramic jars are exhibited. Stucco works and exquisite murals of Safavid era used to ornament the house, especially the murals of alcove and the Korsi room are eye catching and charming. Entrance, vestibule, Gholamgard, alcove, corridors, storage room and basement are different parts of the house.


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