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Hasht Behesht Palace

Hasht Behesht palace has been built by the order of Shah Soleiman in Safavid era in 1080A.D. It is located in middle of a big garden called BolBol garden (nightingale's garden). In the majority of the holy books of the monotheistic religion, it was mentioned that paradise consists of 7 stories or gates, which here the number eight means 7+1 and implies an early Paradise. It was built over a platform of mat foundation surrounded by stone plinths. The combination of capacities and spaces are in the way which no parts are similar to each other in shape.

The central yard which is the main part of the building consists of an eight angle plan which is the most beautiful part from the point view of internal decorations.
The rooms around the central yard and corridors consist of charming decorations, but by passing the time they've been involved some damages.

This palace consists of four verandas around itself. There are some pillars in these verandas which are about 14meters from the ground surface to the ceiling.
Hasht Behesht palace was possessed in Ghajar period especially in the period of Fath Ali Shah and Masoud Mirza Zelleh Sultan the commander of Isfahan, so that some parts of architecture and decorations have changed.

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