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Ardestan Congregational Mosque

Ardestan congregational mosque is one of the remained monuments which dates back to Seljuk era.
The oldest inscriptions existing in mosque mention that the antiquity of the building dates back to 553 and 555 A.D (sixth century).
It has been said that this building is the first mosque in style of four porches in Iran. It was built by the order of "Omar Ebne Abdoul Azize Ale Abi Dolaf" and according to existing inscriptions, Mahmoud the son of Mohammad Isfahani and Heidar Ali Ardestani "the architect" built it.

According to inspections by investigators it seems that all parts of mosque haven't been built at the same time, at first the mosque involved a design of a chamber, so that a part of it was broken down as they were building the dome, then the design of mosque was carried out in four porch form. also the investigators presume that the date of southern chamber is preceded than the other chambers and finally the eastern chamber is the last annexation of this building.
According to two other inscriptions on northern porch that show the dates 946 and 974 A.D, it seems that the changes and reparations in mosque have been done in Safavid era.
Ardestan congregational mosque includes numerous decorations of Seljuk period and tile-work decorations of Safavid era existing on part of the walls.

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