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Chahar Bagh theological school

This theological school is considered as the last grand monument of the Safavid era. It is located next to King's Mother's caravanserai (which is the present Abbasi Hotel) and the "Boland Bazaar" (Boland means lofty). It was built at Shah Sultan Hossein’s mother's expenses between 1704 and 1714. The Safavid king himself had a room and studied there. The school is in a four-Iwan plan with 121 rooms.

The school is a masterpiece of tile work with much diversity of colours and designs. Its dome, some 38 metres high, is second only to the dome of the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque in terms of beauty and harmony of design. The inner dome is 32 metres high. The attractiveness of the dome is heightened when paired with its splendid Iwan and two charming minarets. The niche along with the cross-shape tile designs; the one-piece marble pulpit and the wooden inlaid windows are among the other attractions of this school. The wooden door should not be missed; it is gilded-silver plated and is a masterpiece of engraving from the Safavid period.

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