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Harun Velayat Shrine

This shrine of Harun Ibn-Musa is located in Imam Ali Square in Harun Velayat Ave. in front of the Ali minaret and mosque. One of the most descendent peerless kinds of mosaic tile work is used in the portal and they are known to be the oldest Safavid tiles in Esfahan, dating back to 1512. The double-layer dome is ornamented with turquoise tiles. The interior decorations contain excellent murals of the Ghahveh-Khaneie (coffee house) style with themes of innocent and immaculate Shiite Imams. ((This genre of traditional Iranian painting was employed in tea houses and coffee shops illustrating epic tales and religious stories and events. Storytellers would use the relevant scenes to highlight their tales as the audience took their evening leisure)). The dome chamber above these paintings is decorated with tile works.

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