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Imam Ali Mosque

This mosque, located on Harunieh Street across from HARUN VELAYAT mausoleum, is easily found because of its minaret. It is the most conspicuous of Esfahan's landmark. The building was originally a Seljuk construction. However, by Safavid's time, it had already been ruined and remained in this state until the reign of Shah Ismail Safavid.

The portal inscription in golden Tholth letters indicates that it was rebuilt in 1522 by Shah Ismail, who spared no effort in completing the restoration. Actually, the mosque was built by Mahmud Seljuk, Sultan Sanjar's nephew and son in law, who governed in Esfahan for fifteen years. When Shah Ismail Safavid rebuilt the mosque, he renamed it after the first Shiite Imam-Ali.

The architecture techniques of the mosque and its superb ornamentation place it among Isfahan's most important religious structures.  The mosque is entered through a western eivan, which open onto an orderly court. The brick dome of the sanctuary, located behind the imposing southern eivan, is decorated on the inside with pretty paintings and graceful moqarnas.
An interesting detail of the buildings architectural layout is that its winter prayer hall is located lower than the sanctuary and is reached by a descending flight of stairs.
This mosque has been registered under the number 96 as a national work in Day 15th, 1310 (solar year).

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