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Haj Hassan Ghafoori's House

The main foundation of this house is belonged to Safavid era, but the major part of remained monuments is belonged to Ghajar era.
The founder of this house is Haj Hassan Ghafoori who is one the famous merchants of Isfahan. He did great exchanges with Ghazvin. Due this Reason this place is well-known as Ghazvini's house in common speech.


This historical house included two external and internal yards and the internal part of this house has plenty of decorations.
The Royal hall which is one of the interesting and considerable part of the building includes sash-windows and a beautiful ceiling decorated with the most interesting vaults.
The external part of this house has annexations Related to Ghajar periods, but the main foundation has been changed because of numerous reparations over it. This section also includes a beautiful Royal hall.
At present, part of administrative activities of cultural heritage organization, handicrafts, and tourism are done in this house.

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