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Monar Jonban

The whole building is in fact the tomb of Sheikh Abdullah Karladani, whose epitaph gives 1310 as the construction date. The minarets were however annexed to the building in the early 18th century (late Safavid dynasty). The monument's fame is due to the obvious vibrations of the whole structure when shaking one of the minarets. In fact, by shaking one minaret, the other one starts to shake and the whole building consequently shakes as well. One reason for this interesting phenomenon is the structure of the minarets. It can be said that the minarets are so designed and constructed that there is enough strength in their structure to bear the kinetic dead load, which is inflicted on them. It is a gap of about 3 centimetres between the minaret’s stem and the main construction that causes the minarets to shake freely and make an impact on the main construction. Some square-shaped wooden frames have been used in the structure of the minarets. They also play a role as flexible supports in the body of minarets.

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