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Natanz Jame Mosque

Beyond the prosperous green gardens of Natanz city centre, a high-rise minaret close to a pyramid-shaped brick dome comes in to view, guiding visitors towards the Jame Mosque and Sheikh Abd ol-Samad Shrine. The foundation of the mosque dates back to the time of Deylamids (10th century), subsequently it was restored during the Ilkhanate and converted to a four-porch mosque during the Safavids. This mosque has been badly damaged and not much of its plasterwork decorations are available but what are left are witness to its past grandeur. There are two covered brick areas of two stories on the eastern, northern and southern sides, enhancing its beauty. Unlike the mosque, the minaret has kept its magnificence and artistic glory. It is from the Ilkhanate period, containing exquisite inlaid tile work ornamentations similar to that of Esfahan Bagh Ghushkhaneh and Dar oz-Ziafeh’s twin minarets. Fine turquoise and dark blue inlaid tiles along with beautiful pendentives on the crown of the minaret have added its beauty.


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