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Imamzadeh Shah Reza Tomb

Shahreza (former Ghomsheh) is located 50 kilometers from the south of Isfahan on the way to Shiraz. The holy shrine is nearer to Isfahan on a slope of a mountain. The shrine has a very beautiful with stone stairs getting into the shrine. The tiles are patterned and are similar to Imam Mosque, dating back to Safavid Dynasty. The tablets around it are with sols calligraphy on a navy-blue pattern.
All the verses of Quran are written on the tablets. They lack the year of its being built. On the northern half of the shrine, overlooking porch, there is another tablet with the navy-blue Nastaligh calligraphic being engraved on the white tiles. The year of the building is written this way:

In 1360 A.D. Haj Sayyed Esmail Mir Behshahrezayi accepted to repair and renew this shrine.
On the outskirts of the tomb there are engraved writings in yellow color together in other colors. There is Salavat, peace Be Upon Him/Her, on the northern part. Another tablet with lines on the engravings of black margins holds these writings: Ostad Ali Asghar Esfahani and Ostad Abol-Rahim made a small porch with mirror decorations. There are two pairs of glorious doors on both sides made of walnut wood.
Across these doors, is another door having some poems in white Nastaligh. Two other pairs of doors are located on the western and eastern sides of the tomb connecting the interior to other rooms around.

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